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About Us


Now Training offers services to connect people with suitable Nationally Accredited training opportunities throughout Regional Victoria. Now Training partners with reputable Registered Training Organisations who are well established and deliver high-quality training courses.

Training opportunities are offered in both a funded capacity and/or fee for service.​

Providing opportunities to connect people seeking to enhance their career and employment opportunities in an industry that is in high demand.

Access opportunities in your chosen career path to enhance potential employment options for the future.

Opportunities are available to anyone eligible seeking to upskill.

If you are employed and looking to change your career path or are seeking employment in your desired field for future employment, contact Now Training to discuss your future now!





01. Our Vision

Inspire to be, Empower to do.

02. Our Mission

Now Training is dedicated to providing a wide range of in demand Nationally accredited training opportunities to regional Victorians.

We are a progressive, reputable and professional organisation which continuously sources qualifications highly sought after by industry and community interests. 

We are committed to ensuring the qualifications offered will provide opportunities for the participants to purse qualifications that will potentially create greater employment opportunities and change peoples future.

Can't Decide What's Right For You?

We're here to make your education journey as smooth as possible. Find a time that suits using the calendar and book a no obligation chat with a real human who can help.